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Aboriginal and Indigenous Courses

University of Tasmania




Aboriginal Studies is offered by Riawunna, Centre for Aboriginal Education.

Riawunna is committed to the advancement of knowledge about Aboriginal and Torres St. Islander cultures and societies and to the promotion of cross-cultural understandings, as well as to providing a prominent place within the University for Indigenous Australian values, traditions and discourses.

In particular, Riawunna provides excellent support for Aboriginal Students.

The Centre maintains close links with the Aboriginal community in Tasmania and with Indigenous people in other parts of Australia, North America, Europe and Asia.

On each campus Riawunna maintains a resource room which houses an outstanding collection of books, articles, audio-visual materials and material culture; the resource rooms are available for use to all University students and staff. Riawunna staff offer a wide range of skills and experience to those wanting to understand In

Riawunna offers an undergraduate major and an honours program in Aboriginal Studies. Both programs aim to develop a wide understanding of Aboriginal and Torres St. Islander cultures and societies as they have continued and adapted, from ancient times until the present day, with special focus on the on-going process of Aboriginal dispossession and the resistance and responses to it on the part of Indigenous communities. Strong emphasis is given to the issue of Aboriginal identity and study materials generated by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people are used.

The Aboriginal experience in Tasmania is a major focus in second and third years and units are also offered which consider Indigenous societies in other parts of the world. Emphasis is given to the development of a range of academic skills, including writing, research, critical analysis, oral presentations and problem-solving.


Bachelor of Arts
This 3-year (minimum) course is available at Hobart, Launceston and the North-West Centre at Burnie. The Bachelor of Arts degree is an opportunity to develop a set of skills, knowledge and cultural awareness that will be invaluable throughout the rest of your life.
Bachelor of Arts with Honours
This on-campus, 1 year full time course is available at Hobart and Launceston. The Bachelor of Arts with Honours course allows candidates to pursue in-depth study in the discipline or disciplines of their choice.


University of Tasmania



Clair Andersen
Director, Indigenous Higher Education Programs
Riawunna, Centre for Aboriginal Education
University of Tasmania
Hobart, TAS 7001        Australia

Tel: +61  03 6226 2517
Fax: +61  03 6226 2575




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