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Archaeology at Flinders University

Students undertaking field survey near Hawker, Flinders Ranges, SAIt appears that, moreso than ever, people today are fascinated about past cultures and civilizations, especially when you consider the interest a new archaeological discovery generates in Egypt, Central America or when new dates push back first human occupation of Australia. Popular programs on television illustrate that there a large audience willing to gain some insight into their human heritage, origins and the progress of societies as seen in the artefactual record.

It is dynamic and incredibly interesting field of study which has become a global field involving a host of scientific and allied disciplines. What attracts many is the fantastic combination of intellectual and physical endeavour, either in Australia or overseas. An archaeological career can be sought in academia, as a consultant, in a government department or employment in a museum. It is a firm degree base on which to pursue further studies in other disciplines and many mature students come back to University to pursue archaeology as something they have always wanted to do.

Archaeology has been taught at Flinders University since 1980. Initially, Archaeology was a minor component within the Discipline of Visual Arts.The appointment of a Foundation Lecturer in Archaeology in 1990 resulted in a greater emphasis on Archaeology teaching and research at Flinders. In 1995 Archaeology became an independent unit within the School of Cultural Studies, and in 1999 the Department of Archaeology was launched in the new School of Humanities. At present, the Department of Archaeology has five full time academic staff, two post-doctoral fellows, visiting scholars, a technical officer, one administrative assistant, and a student body consisting of over 200 undergraduates and over 30 honours and higher degree students.

Flinders is the only university in South Australia offering a major in Archaeology. Students can undertake a course of study leading to an ordinary (three year) degree or to an Honours (four year) degree in either the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Science areas. A Bachelor of Archaeology degree offering a more specialised professionally oriented program was introduced in 1997 in conjunction with Adelaide University's Department of Classics and Anatomical Sciences and the University of South Australia (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies). In addition, Archaeology links with the Bachelor of Cultural Tourism, Bachelor of Technology (Ecotourism), and Bachelor of Technology (Forensic and Analytical Chemistry) degrees at Flinders provide students with a range of career options. Higher degree studies include MA and PhD research programs. Since 2002 graduate programmes in maritime archaeology have been offered at Flinders University.



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