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Global Education

Australia is the first choice of many students from all over the world. Graduates from Avondale have been very successful in finding employment internationally and many hold very prominent positions in business, government and church organisations. Australian qualifications are recognized globally.

Many Avondale graduates have progressed to master and doctoral studies at Australian and international universities, with an outstanding record of achievement.

Avondale's Study Programs

Avondale offers undergraduate degrees in Arts, Business, Science, Education, Nursing and Theology. Postgraduate courses are available in Education, Nursing, Theology, and Leadership and Management. Vocational studies are offered in Aviation, Business, and Outdoor Recreation. Avondale also provides ELICOS courses (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) for people wishing to develop English language skills for business or for further study in Australia.

Why Avondale?

Many international students travel to Australia to study because we teach in English but also perhaps because we are considered to be an exotic destination that will offer an enjoyable cultural experience while studying.

Avondale is a great option for students with a Christian background wanting to experience another culture but enjoy the security of living and studying alongside others with Christian beliefs and lifestyle. Students of other faith traditions will find the campus community to be very friendly and accommodating. It is a drug and alcohol free campus with no smoking, and the cafeteria has a vegetarian menu.

We also think you would enjoy being at Avondale because our total enrolment is less than 1000 and a small institution with excellent student staff ratios can provide a supportive and very friendly study environment. We have been here for more than 100 years and have developed strengths across a wide range of majors, so study options are quite broad.

Perhaps the most persuasive reason to consider Avondale is the favourable currency exchange rate between the Australian dollar and many other currencies. This makes study in Australia very affordable.

Courses vary in length from one year for Vocational Education and Training courses to three or four years for undergraduate degree programs. Students from a non-English speaking background will often complete English Language Courses or Foundation Studies prior to commencing a degree or Vocational Education course. Students can be assured that their education will be of excellent quality.

External Evaluation

In The Good Universities Guide to Universities, TAFE (Community Colleges) and Private Colleges, 2005, Avondale received:

5 Star Rating (Excellent)

  • The Educational Experience (graduate rating)

  • Student-Staff Ratio

  • Staff Qualifications

  • Graduate Employment

4 Star Rating (Highly Commendable)

  • Graduate Outcomes

  • Proportion of High School Leavers Enrolled

About Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. Despite common images of the Outback and our huge desert interior and The Crocodile Hunter, most of our population of just 20 million live in modern, safe cities and towns near the east coast. Australians are generally friendly and accepting and enjoy having a good time but also have the ability to work and study hard. Travel is quite easy using our relatively inexpensive and safe air, rail and road systems.

Culturally Diverse

More than 100 ethnic groups are represented in the Australian population. About one-fifth of all Australians were born overseas. While English is the national language, more than one in every eight speak another language at home. We are a truly multi-cultural society living in a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society.




Avondale College

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