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Llubo Vlacic Griffith University


Most graduates from the School of Microelectronic Engineering have job offers even before they complete their final exams. They are well qualified in areas that are in great demand by today's technology companies allover the world. For many companies, they are the graduates of first choice when taking on new employees. 

With today's fast-paced technological changes, shortages exist in virtually all technology areas, meaning that graduates find it very easy to gain well- paid employment. 

"Jobs are not a problem to find. As any of the graduates will tell you, there are many opportunities to work in many different fields. Hardware and software engineers are in demand. Six months before I graduated, I applied for three graduate positions and was offered them all." Deverick McIntyre, currently with Andersen Consulting. 

Courses in the school are accredited by the lnstitution of Engineers (Australia). This means that it is possible to take your degree from Griffith University and work professionally anywhere else in the world. "I am working with Nokia in the UK as a Digital Signal Processing Engineer. I found the degree to be very global. It covered a broad width of the electronics industry from software to hardware." Bakari  Weston, currently with Nokia, UK. 

Griffith University's School of Microelectronic Engineering is large enough to have a superb range of choices, but small enough for lecturers to personally know students. 

"One of the things which makes my PhD studies satisfying is that the staff in the School of Microelectronic Engineering  have excellent relationships with the students. In my studies I have excellent support at both an academic and personal level".  Philippe Jamet current PhD student at Griffith University. 

All students studying an undergraduate degree in the School undertake the Industrial Affiliates Program (lAP). The lAP provides students with a position within a technology-base  industry, and while there, students are responsible for the outcomes of a specific project created under commercial constraints. "

A very well organised program which provides positive outcomes for all involved." Andrew Loch, Micromedical. 

"The Industrial Affiliates Program is clearly the most successful  program yet in taking students from the academic world into the world of industry." Tony Roe, Southcorp. 

The School's postgraduate courses are designed for professionals in the rapidly changing fields of engineering. The courses provide the opportunity to increase your career options by  extending your qualifications into new areas, or upgrading skills in current professional fields. All of the School's postgraduate courses offer research project work where you are able to focus on an area of interest, develop solutions of engineering problems, and expand your research skills. 

"Research in micro-electro mechanical systems was definitely one of my best calls - being among the high_tech industrialists of Silicon Valley makes this job a gratifying reward for the years I spent at Griffith." Dr Mike Rosa, currently with Xerox's Palo Alto Research Centre, California, USA. 

International Students Welcome 

Australians come from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, which helps international students integrate into the cultural environment of the University. Staff within the school come from a variety of countries. The school presently hosts students from Thailand, China, Bangladesh, Brunei, Pacific Islands, Fiji, Japan, Sweden, France and  Taiwan. International students are provided with a variety of resources and facilities on campus to ensure that they maximise their learning opportunities. 

"The lecturers are particularly nice and always willing to help, and so are the other students." Qudsia Ahmed, from Bangladesh.

Griffith University
Kessels Rd,
QLD 4111

(+61 7) 387 57111

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