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Aviation industry takes off


Flight Training Australia




As our motto states "Leaders in Aviation Education" and the fact that the aviation industry is one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced and as a result training methods must reflect this.


According to recent research the aviation industry will hire more than 50,000 new people in the next 10 years at a growing rate of 7% per annum . This means an exciting career in aviation exists for those who wish to become professional pilots.


Flight Training Australia, an approved training provider for the Griffith and Bond University's undergraduate aviation degree programs. This allows students to complete an undergraduate degree in either aviation, science or technology along with the flying qualifications necessary for airline entry.


In addition, FTA offers its airline pilot training program or commercial pilot training program for students wishing to complete professional flight crew qualifications.

Today many of Flight Training Australia's graduates can be found flying for Australian and international airlines and the company's reputation is well respected by countless worldwide airlines. FTA was recently selected as the training provider for Solomon Airlines for cadet pilot training.


  'In order to achieve this reputation Flight Training Australia decided that an instructional staff, including former airline, military and general aviation pilots, ensure each student receives the most professional and highest level of instruction available anywhere in Queensland, if not Australia, General Manager/Marketing Manager, ' Gary Young said.


  'Many flying schools offer a variety of courses with junior and inexperienced pilots and therefore students do not benefit from years of experience in the aviation industry.

  'Our staff have a combined experience in excess of 80,000 hours which includes 50,000 hours of flight instruction, meaning that our staff know what they are on about,' said, Mr Young.


Flight Training Australia also offers its graduates an International Airline Internship to the USA for advanced training followed by twelve months employment, should they wish to travel. FTA is also the only flying school in Queensland to hold UK, CAA approval and to conduct the UK, CPL ATPL and Performance examinations to provide international students with more flexibility in their courses.


Presently a large number of overseas students from the Japan, Singapore, Korea, Sri Lanka, Columbia, UAE, India, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Pacific Islands are attending courses at Flight Training Australia.


Excellent flying conditions around Brisbane, capital of Queensland are excellent all year round with a sub-tropical with warm summers and mild winters.


Course intakes are every two months with only 10 - 12 students per intake. FTA's course start dates are 23 January, 13 March, 15 May, 17 July, 12 September and 13 November 2006.


For further information you may email: or visit our website:www.flighttrainingaus.com.au


Gary Young

General Manager/Marketing Manager


5 February 2003





The Marketing Department
Flight Training Australia
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Tel: +61 7 3277 8544
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