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The Graduate School of the Environment (GSE) is within the Division of Environmental and Life Sciences at Macquarie University. It is the largest environmental school in Australia and was formally established in 1978.

What Makes us Special

We aim to assist students to develop skills to deal with environmental challenges and to seek integrative solutions to them. We recognize that sustainable solutions involve scientific, economic and social factors.  Our interdisciplinary program provides students with the skills to analyse, intelligently discuss and address environmental issues with economists, lawyers, managers, scientists, politicians and the community at large - indeed all categories of stakeholders involved in environmental issues.

About Macquarie University

To get the most out of studying in a place like Sydney, you’ve got to study at Macquarie University. Macquarie is genuinely Australia’s ‘Innovative University’, known around the country and world for its flexible learning programs and unparalleled support services. The Study Abroad program at Macquarie University is no exception – take an internship for credit, have your accommodation and airport pickup guaranteed, get to know your personal Study Abroad Advisor. As a truly multi-cultural university, Macquarie also has a student club dedicated to getting overseas students to meet the locals and get the most out of what Australia has to offer.


About Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s most famous city for good reasons – from the sparkling harbour and city beaches to the cosmopolitan city centre, Sydney has something for everyone. If you’re a city-person, you’ll be enchanted by the charm of Sydney – take all the best aspects of the big cities around the world, add Australian hospitality and friendliness, and a big dash of great weather, and you’ve got Sydney. For outdoors-people, just look at Sydney’s surrounds – World Heritage listed national parks, pristine beaches and one of the most active sporting cultures in the world. Don’t forget that travelling to all of Australia’s most popular destinations, as well as New Zealand and Fiji, is also easiest from Sydney.



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For those already employed in an environmental field and wanting to gain expertise in a specific area. These are targeted specialist programs of short duration: 1 year part-time/full fee-based

Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Economics

Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Environmental Management

Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Development

Postgraduate Certificate in Wildlife Management



For those who want to expand their knowledge and skills into a broader study of the environment and education.  Duration: 1 yr full-time, 2 yrs part-time

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Studies

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Education

Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development



For those who want to study a specialist area in greater depth or remain broad in their study (as in MEnvStud). Duration 1½ yrs full-time or 3 yrs part-time.

Master of Environmental Education

Master of Environmental Management

Master of Environmental Planning

Master of Environmental Science

Master of Environmental Studies

Master of Wildlife Management

Master of Sustainable Development. Duration 1 yr full-time or 2 yrs part-time.



for full details and information on application click here

Masters and PhD programs are offered in a range of areas of study of the environment. Research in the GSE covers a broad diversity of subject areas and concentrates on integrating disciplines. There is an option to complete either Masters or PhD by writing a series of papers rather than a thesis. This is very rewarding as it allows the student to extend on or gain a publication record.

Areas of research covered:

Environmental Economics

Environmental Education

Environmental Ethics

Environmental Policy and Management

Environmental & Urban Planning

Environmental Science

Sustainable Development

Wildlife Management




Graduate School of the Environment
Macquarie University
North Ryde NSW, 2109
Phone: (02) 9850 7988 [Australia]
+61 2 9850 7988 [International]
Fax: (02) 9850 7972 [Australia]
+61 2 9850 7972 [International]

Website: www.gse.mq.edu.au










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