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Melbourne University Private


Melbourne University Private is an internationally focused corporate university. In productive synergy with the University of Melbourne, its mission is to be an international leader in the provision of high-quality, customer-responsive education, consultancy, research and advisory services to corporations and governments.

Melbourne University Private's academic profile is focused in its three schools; the School of Development Studies, the School of International Communication and Languages, and the School of Enterprise . The university also runs a business division which provides support to academic staff involved in consultancy activity and technology commercialization.

Melbourne University Private is a self-accrediting institution with an Academic Senate which guides its intellectual life and advises the board on all matters relating to education and research including the accreditation of new awards.

In providing customized sector- and client-specific education, research and consultancy services, Melbourne University Private draws on both the intellectual resources of the University of Melbourne, and its own discrete institutional resources. This produces an academic community within a corporate university framework, with the added strength of affiliation with and access to a traditional, research-intensive, public university.

International Students

The staff of Melbourne University Private aim to make your study experience at our University as successful and enjoyable as possible. Along with the academic staff there is a team of student advisers and other professionals at the Hawthorn campus who are there to assist and support you.

The campus is the home of the Hawthorn English Language Centre which is one of Australia's oldest and largest English Language Centres and consequently is excellently equipped for the delivery of English language studies. The teaching accommodation, information/IT resources and leisure facilities are all first class.


It is important that you find the type of accommodation that suits you. One option that Melbourne University Private is able to offer is Homestay accommodation. Homestay provides you with a supportive environment and an outstanding opportunity to experience first-hand the Australian lifestyle. It's also a great way to practise your English after class.

You will be placed with a family and in most cases the Homestay fee covers the costs of a furnished room, meals and most bills. The families are carefully chosen and the homes are located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as close as possible to the Hawthorn campus. If you are interested in this option then check the Homestay request box on the application form.

Some students may prefer to lease their own property, such as an apartment or a house, in the area around the University campus. The main advantage of this option is that, if you choose, the accommodation can be shared and the costs split between the residents.

The Accommodation Office will be able to provide you with information on local estate agents and tips on how to locate a rental property that best suits your needs once you arrive in Melbourne. The Office may also be able to help you find others who are interested in sharing accommodation.

Homestay, hotel or hostel accommodation is also available on a temporary basis until you are able to find your own accommodation.

If you are interested in Homestay (short or long-term) or temporary accommodation you will need to let us know at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

Hawthorn - Melbourne Accommodation



Melbourne University Private


Hawthorn Office
442 Auburn Rd

Tel: +61 3 9810 3322
Fax: +61 3 9810 3133


Carlton Office
215 Grattan Street

Tel: +61 3 9347 3333
Fax: +61 3 9347 5888




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