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Study Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing and Midwifery at Curtin University

Prospective StudentsThe School of Nursing and Midwifery has an enviable record in leading university-based nursing and midwifery education. Its contribution to developing nursing and midwifery knowledge and practice is widely recognised and it enjoys a high standing in academic and professional fields. Graduate-level studies prepare the beginning and advanced practitioner with the in-depth knowledge, skills and leadership ability to effect changes in the larger community. The courses, some of which are undertaken in collaboration with Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital and King Edward Memorial Hospital for Women, combine unit instruction, clinical competence and individual research activity. The satisfactory completion of a clinical/practical component is an integral part of the course. Doctoral studies integrate clinical and research expertise, providing the foundation for incorporating both conceptual and methodological aspects of scientific inquiry related to nursing practice. The School is constantly monitoring community and professional needs. In response to those needs, in recent years specialist courses in adult rehabilitation nursing, diabetes education and advanced nursing practice have been introduced.  

The School offers an equipment library, computer facilities, audiovisual aids, laboratories, and course placements in professional settings.

Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Adult Rehabilitation Nursing

Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education

Graduate Certificate in Nursing

- General

- Perioperative

Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (Diabetes Education)

Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Nursing Practice

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Nursing

- Critical Care

- Emergency Nursing

- Neonatal Intensive Care

- Nephrology Nursing

- Neuroscience Nursing

- Paediatrics

- Substance Misuse

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Specialisation (Family and Community Health) (Nurse Practitioner)

Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery

Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing

Master of Science (Nursing)

- Neonatal Intensive Care

(this stream is a collaborative program

with King Edward Memorial Hospital for



Professional Masters

Master of Midwifery

Master of Nursing in Substance Misuse

Master of Clinical Nursing

- Critical Care

- Emergency

- Neuroscience

- Paediatrics

Master of Science (Nursing)

Doctor of Philosophy

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Jo Crothers

Division of Health Sciences

Curtin University

GPO Box U1987

 Perth WA  6845


Phone : 61 8 9266 3970

Fax :     61 8 9266 2608

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