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Public Health at Curtin University: Jo Crothers

Photograph of studentsThe School of Public Health is one of the largest and most diverse in the University.  It provides education for public health professionals and provides additional skills to health professionals in clinical practice.  The discipline of public health seeks to improve the health and well-being of the whole community. It concentrates on activities that promote well-being, such as nutrition, physical activity and a healthy environment. In more recent years, population-based techniques developed for disease control in the community have also been applied to managing an increasingly complex health system. 

The School of Public Health provides education and undertakes research in all areas of public health, including the management and evaluation of health facilities and techniques for improving health communications, as well as the more traditional areas of public health.  Many international health professionals have successfully completed relevant postgraduate degrees through our distance education programs. 

The School is acknowledged internationally as a leader in public health research, particularly in health promotion through the Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research, as well as in nutrition, aged care, international health and occupational health. Our membership of the Asia Pacific Academic Consortium of Public Health allows us to maintain active links with the top 47 public health schools in our region, with which we promote collaborative research and student exchanges. The Master of Public Health provides population health skills for all health professionals and can be undertaken by coursework or by research. An emphasis on international health is possible. Similarly, the Master of Health Administration provides the management and planning skills needed by many health professionals.


The School is located in a state-of-the-art building, one of the largest and best equipped public health educational facilities in Australia. It has extensive information technology facilities available to all students.  Laboratory facilities are provided for postgraduate research students working in such areas as food science, food product development, nutrition, and environmental and occupational health. Postgraduate research students have their own computer and study area, and the computer laboratories have software for dietary analysis, disease classification casemix and other specialised public health functions. Specialised equipment for analysis of human exercise performance and studies involving human nutrition is also available. 

Graduate Programs

Graduate Certificate in Applied Epidemiology

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Health Management

Graduate Certificate in Environmental Toxicology

Graduate Certificate in Food Science and Technology

Graduate Certificate in Health Policy and Management

Graduate Certificate in Health Promotion

Graduate Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety Management

Graduate Certificate in Public Health

Graduate Diploma in Food Science and Technology

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Health

Postgraduate Diploma in Food Science and Technology

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Administration

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Promotion

Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences

- Advanced Specialisation

- Addiction Studies

- Epidemiology and Biostatistics

- Gerontology

- Women’s Health

Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health 

Professional Masters

Master of Applied Epidemiology

Master of Environmental Health

Master of Food Technology

Master of Health Communication

Master of Health Promotion

Master of Health Services Management

Master of Health, Safety and Environment

Master of Occupational Health and Safety

Master of Occupational Health and Safety (Mining)

Master of Public Health

- Environmental Health

- Epidemiology and Biostatistics

- Health Policy Planning,

Evaluation and Economics

- Health Promotion and Disease


- Occupational Health and


Master of Health Administration

Master of Public Health

Master of Science (Public Health)

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Public Health


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Jo Crothers

Division of Health Sciences

Curtin University

GPO Box U1987

 Perth WA  6845


Phone : 61 8 9266 3970

Fax : 61 8 9266 2608

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