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RMIT University Australia

School of Applied Sciences offers Undergraduate & Postgraduate programs


The School of Applied Sciences incorporates the disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Formed by an amalgamation of Applied Chemistry, Applied Physics, Biotechnology and Environmental Biology, and Food Science Departments, the School possesses a concentration and breadth of scientific talent. It integrates basic sciences to provide a fertile ground for new discoveries and innovative research, drawing together individual expertise and diverse ideas from a variety of fields.

We provide our students with flexibility in choice of disciplines and industrial relevant experience, enabling them to critically analyse, and creatively synthesise ideas and concepts. We employ the same principles in undertaking our research and commercial activities.

Undergraduate programs – Specialisation, Flexibility, Multidisciplinary, Industry Relevant, Graduate Capability, Global Employability Scholarships for outstanding applicants


Single Bachelor degrees


¨      Applied Chemistry

Theory plus hands-on laboratory expertise, with emphasis on advanced analytical methods and options in advanced medicinal, material and environmental chemistry.

¨      Applied Physics

For creating new-generation advanced sensors, transducers, instruments and devices that interface advanced physics with computer technology.

¨      Applied Sciences

You choose yourself what you want to study from the wide selection of courses. Especially suitable if other programs don’t meet your needs or you are considering a career in science teaching.

¨      Biological Sciences

Modern biosciences from molecular, cellular, organism and ecological viewpoints, including cell and tissue culture, aquaculture, ecotoxicology, and molecular agriculture.

¨      Biotechnology

Includes genetic engineering, industrial microbiology, molecular agriculture, bioinformatics, and biotechnology business and law.

¨      Consumer Science

Enables you to design and promote and advise on safe and attractive consumer chemical and food products.

¨      Environmental Science

Multidisciplinary, with a wide range of choices, for multi-skilled environmental professionals.

¨      Food Science: Food Technology and Nutrition

Integrates nutrition knowledge into the science and technology of food production to meet demands of safe, healthy and nutritious food products.

¨      Nanotechnology

A new and exciting area, now with choice of studies in advanced physical , chemical or biological applications of nanotechnology.

¨      Occupational Health and Safety

Safety professionals are needed in great numbers. This program has been updated, and from 2006 it will be offered at the City campus.

¨      Physics

Concentrates on modern physics, especially theoretical, quantum and nuclear physics, physics of advanced materials, fields, holography and photonics.

¨      Scientific Photography

Produces expert specialists in a wide range of technical photography and imaging, combining scientific and creative skills.



Double Bachelor Degrees


¨       Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering

¨       Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

¨       Food Science and Chemical Engineering

¨       Environmental Science and Environmental Engineering

¨       Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

¨       Applied Chemistry and Business Administration

¨       Environmental Science and Business Administration

¨       Environmental Science and Social Science


Dual Awards


¨       Applied Physics and Applied Language

¨       Applied Physics and Professional Writing


Honours Degrees


¨       Applied Biology/Biotechnology

¨       Applied Chemistry

¨       Occupational Health and Safety

¨       Applied Physics

¨       Environmental Science

¨       Food Science

¨       Photography


Master by Coursework, Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate-Industry Based, Professional Recognition

¨       Biotechnology

¨       Biotechnology & Business

¨       Occupational Health and Safety

¨       Analytical Chemistry

¨       Biomolecular Technologies & Bioinformatics

¨       Clinical Microbiology

¨       Food Microbiology

¨       Environmental and Agricultural Biotechnology

¨       Food Science & Technology


Master by Research, Doctor of Philosophy –  Industry Relevant, Global Capabilities, Government Priorities Postgraduate Scholarships for outstanding applicants

¨       Applied Biology/Biotechnology

¨       Applied Chemistry

¨       Occupational Health and Safety

¨       Applied Physics

¨       Environmental Science

¨       Food Science

¨       Photography

¨       Medical Physics


Key Research Areas

¨      Food Science & Nutrition (Neutraceuticals, Smart Foods, Sensory Evaluation)

¨     Nanoscience (Nanoparticles, Nanopores, Nanoprobes)

¨     Molecular & Analytical Sciences

¨     Environmental & Sustainability (Geophysics, Biofuels, Water, Ecotoxicology, Bioremediation)

¨      Biotechnology & Microbiology

     ¨   Advanced Technologies (Frontier Technologies, Advanced Materials (Designer, Smart), Biotechnology, Photonics, Agricultural Technologies, Biomaterials, Smart Technology, Composites and Polymers, Green Chemistry)

    ¨  Neutraceuticals


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Building 3, Bowen St
RMIT City Campus
Phone: 9925 3880
Fax: 9639 1321


Web: www.rmit.edu.au/applied-sciences


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