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The Graduate Certificate in Tourism (Festival and Event Management) provides solid grounding and experience in all aspects of festival and event management and is specifically designed for people whose employment requires them to have in-depth involvement and knowledge about managing large events.  It is particularly valuable for local councils, schools, churches and businesses which host events to which they invite members of the public. 

The Festival and Event Management course has proved very successful and is the only one of its kind to be endorsed by the South Australian Tourism Commission and Australian Major Events.  A measure of its success is the increasing number of interstate and overseas enquiries the University is receiving about the course.

This 18 unit award is offered on campus through a series of workshops and can be completed within one semester or taken over a longer period of time.  It is an articulated program offered by the Department of Cultural Studies and taught by Associate Professor Jane James, Head of Cultural Tourism, along with a number of experienced visiting lecturers who are experts in the area in which they teach.

The program begins with an overview of the whole complexity of festival and event management, continues by delving deeper into the areas of design, marketing and evaluation of events and goes on to deal with legal, environmental and access issues, risk management, production management, event staging and financial management.  

The first day of the final workshop deals with the role of events in tourism, regional events, community ownership and the role of volunteers.  Day Two concentrates on proposals and bids, conference design, conference management and the role of the SA Government, Australian Major Events and the Adelaide Convention and Tourism Authority.  The workshop culminates in application of the knowledge gained from attendance at all workshops: under the direction of a professional festival and event manager, students work together as a team to prepare a data manual for an actual event. 


Students normally take one of two possible paths to gain the 18 units to complete this award.

If students have already gained a degree they may enrol for the Graduate Certificate in Tourism (Festival and Event Management) and complete the following topics in three x three day workshops, namely:

CUTU 8101 Essentials of Festival and Event Management (6 units)

CUTU 8102 Festival and Event Management Practice (6 units)

CUTU 8103 Applied Festival and Event Management (6 units)

The cost is $1020.00 for each three day workshop. 

Eligible Australian students may defer payment to tax through the new Postgraduate Education Loans Scheme (PELS).  Visit the Federal Government’s PELS web site at www.hecs.gov.au/pels.htm for details or obtain a booklet from the Admissions Office or the Faculty Office in the School of Education, Humanities, Law and Theology at the University.

Alternatively students can apply to do the Professional Development Workshops offered by Cultural Tourism ….

(1)     Introduction to Festival and Event Management (1 day workshop, no assessment)

The cost for this workshop is $275.00 including GST.

(2)     The Industry Certificate in Festival & Event Management (2 day workshop, assessed)

The cost is $550.00 including GST. 

On successful completion of these workshops students may seek to obtain credit transfer for the work completed (6 units) and, if successful, proceed to enrol in CUTU 8102 and then CUTU 8103 as above.


Further information is available by contacting the Admissions Office of the University or the Bachelor of Arts Office, Flinders University, GPO Box 2100, Adelaide SA 5001.

Initial enquiries may be directed to Carol Cocks by telephone on 8201 3200, fax on 8201 3845 or by email on


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