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Refund Policy                                                                   ›   In the unlikely event that the University is unable to deliver
                                                                                  the Student’s Course in full, the Student will be notified of
This Policy is implemented in accordance with the ESOS Act (as                    this and offered a refund of unspent Tuition fees paid to
amended), and the National Code of Practice for Registration                      the University. Alternatively, the Student may be offered
Authorities and Providers of Education and Training to Overseas                   enrolment in an alternative Course by the University at no
Students 2007 (National Code).                                                    additional cost to the Student. The Student may elect to
                                                                                  receive either a full refund of unspent Tuition fees, or to take
1.      Principles and Application                                                     up an offer to enrol in an alternative Course. If the Student
                                                                                  elects to enrol in an alternative Course, the University will
   ›    This Policy applies to all commencing and continuing                        ask the Student to sign a document to confirm the change
     Overseas Students, including Study Abroad and                                of Course, as prescribed by the Registrar’s Office.
     Exchange Students, across all Campuses of The
     University of Notre Dame Australia (‘the University’).                  3. Review of Refund Amount

   ›    If there is any conflict between the University                           ›     The Student may request the Campus Registrar review the
     General Regulations and this Policy, unless stated                           amount set out in the Notification of Refund Statement. A
     otherwise, the General Regulations will prevail.                             review request must be made in writing and set out clearly
                                                                                  the reasons why the Student disputes the refund amount.
   ›    Overseas Students are required to sign and return the                       The Campus Registrar shall consult with the Pro Vice
     International Student Refund Agreement to the Admissions                     Chancellor - International on Study Abroad and Exchange
     Office (or Study Abroad Office for Study Abroad and Exchange                 Student review requests and the Manager, Admissions
     Students) with their Conditions of Offer and Acceptance Form.                Office on commencing Student review requests.

   ›    All applications for a refund should be submitted to                      ›     A request for a review must be received within twenty
     the Manager, Fees Office of the relevant Campus on                           Working Days of the date of the Notification of Refund. The
     the appropriate Refund Request form and include                              Student may be required to submit independent documentary
     supporting documentation where applicable.                                   evidence to support their reasons for requesting a review.

   ›    In determining a Refund Request, the Manager,                             ›     The Campus Registrar’s decision may be
     Fees Office (or delegate) may consult where                                  appealed to the University Registrar in accordance
     appropriate with relevant University staff.                                  with the Policy:  Student Appeals.

2.      In all cases for a refund:                                                    › This policy, and the complaints and appeals processes of
                                                                                  the University, do not remove the right of the Student to take
   ›    Where the Student is entitled to a refund, the refund will be               further action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.
     remitted from the date of submission of the Refund Request form
     to the University in accordance with the respective “provider              ›       In the case of any disputes, the University’s Dispute
     obligation period” specified in sections 46D, 47D                            Resolution processes do not circumscribe the
     or 47E of the ESOS Act.                                                      Student’s right to pursue other legal remedies.

   ›    Prior to any refund being remitted, the University will provide the    Diagram A – Calculation of weekly tuition fee: 
     Student with a Notification of Refund Statement setting out the
     amount of refund to be remitted and the basis for this amount.          Weekly tuition fees =      Total tuition fees for the course      x7
                                                                                                                 for the semester
   ›    Refunds will be remitted in Australian dollars and will be made
     to a bank account nominated by the Student or, in the case of                                  Number of calendar days in semester
     Study Abroad and Exchange Students, to the institution from
     whom the fees were originally received (unless the University           Weeks in          Number of calendar days from default day to the
     receives different written instructions from that institution).         default period =   end of the period to which the payment relates

   ›    If a partial refund of Tuition fees applies, the partial refund will                                                   7
     apply to the current Semester only. A full refund of Tuition fees will
     be made for Tuition fees relating to any subsequent Semester.

   ›    A partial refund of Tuition fees (rounded up to the nearest whole
     dollar) will be calculated as the product of (i.e. multiplied by) the
     weekly Tuition fee and the number of weeks (rounded up to the
     nearest whole number) in the default period, see diagram A.

Reason for Refund                                                                 Amount Refunded

University default (Partial refund)                                          i)  Refund amount = weekly Tuition fee x weeks in default period
i)       Failure to provide the course
ii)      The course ceases to be provided before its completion

Student default due to visa refusal (Partial refund)                         i) Refund amount = Course fees minus the lesser of the following
i)      If the Student’s visa application is refused prior to the
    commencement of the Course                                                   a)     5% of the amount of Course fees received by the University in
                                                                                      respect of the Student prior to the default day; or
ii)     If the visa application is refused after the commencement
    of the Course                                                                b)     $500

                                                                             ii)         Refund amount = weekly Tuition fee x weeks in default period

All non-visa related Student defaults                                        i) Refund amount = 100% refund of Tuition fees – all non-tuition fees
i)      Student defaults that occur before the applicable Census Date                paid by the Student
ii)     Student defaults that occur after the applicable Census Date
                                                                             ii)        No refund of Tuition Fees or non-tuition fees for the current
                                                                                 Semester. 100% refund of tuition fees for any subsequent Semester

If the Student provides evidence that they were granted permanent            i) Refund amount = overseas tuition fee rate – domestic tuition fee rate
residency on or prior to the earliest applicable Census Date for their
current Semester enrolment.*                                                                                                                                     REFUND POLICY

*N ote:  A Student remains liable for Tuition fees as an International Student for the remainder of the current Semester if a Census Date
 applicable to their current semester enrolment has already passed.

Please refer to the full and most up-to-date Refund Policy on the University website:                                                                         31

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