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Study Medical & Applied Biotechnology

Medical & Applied Biotechnology at Charles Sturt University


Biotechnology is the fastest growing science-based industry in the world.  It encompasses the applications of technologies such as molecular biology, genetic engineering, computing (bioinformatics) and biochemistry to design and develop new vaccines, novel drugs, treatments, diagnostic methods and agricultural products.  One of the fastest growing areas of biotechnology is the development of new therapeutic agents for human diseases such as cancer and life-threatening infectious diseases like AIDS.  


Major developments in medical research occur almost daily.  The pace of discovery of new drugs and therapies continues to accelerate with major initiatives like the Human Genome Project opening the door to an exciting future in medical research. The powerful tools of molecular biotechnology are also revolutionising areas beyond medicine for example in veterinary and forensic sciences, the food and beverage industries and the environmental sciences.
which bridges the gap between industry and universities.  Designed with the aid of leading members of the biotechnology industries, this revised course includes a range of exciting new subjects such as DNA & Forensic Technology, Genetic Engineering & Bioinformatics, Molecular Immunology, Virology & Parasitology.



Graduates are qualified for work:

q       as research scientists in all fields of biomedical and veterinary research (including IVF) and the pharmaceutical sector (new generation therapeutics);

q       in forensic science, genetic screening or customs and quarantine laboratories (DNA fingerprinting);

q       in molecular virology and microbiology research

q       in bio-informatics

q       as scientific and technical officers in specialised disciplines in medical or veterinary diagnostic and service laboratories.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise is applicable around the world in a diversity of industries and versatile biotechnology graduates will readily adapt their expertise to areas like patent law, IP, biomining, plant industries (bioherbicides, crop production, horticulture), marine biology, palaeontology, ecology (biodiversity analysis) as well as environmental pollution control and waste management where their skills are increasingly in demand.



Ø      The course is offered both as full-time on campus and part-time distance education, so you decide how you want to study.

Ø      High graduate employment record with consistent placements in high profile public and private sector laboratories.

Ø      Internationally recognised, this course is the key to a fulfilling career in a large range of areas. 

Ø      You will gain extensive laboratory experience during your course. In addition, students complete six weeks of professional training in years two and three where they enter approved biotechnology laboratories throughout the world. This allows our students to sample a variety of future employment areas in the diverse and exciting field of biotechnology.

Ø      Elite students will have the opportunity of completing an additional Honours year of research in one of many biomedical research programs conducted at CSU. Honours graduates will also have the opportunity to enrol in higher degree postgraduate research programs (Masters/PhD) conducted by the School of Biomedical Sciences that will lead to careers in research and academia.


Ø Higher Degrees
The Bachelor of Medical & Applied Biotechnology can be used for entry into Honours, Masters and PhD programs.  It may also be used for entry into the NEW Master of Corporate Biotechnology program at CSU.  Further details on the Master of Corporate Biotechnology program can be obtained from Dr Wouter Kalle at


It is also possible to complete two degrees in four years by combining the Bachelor of Medical & Applied Biotechnology with the Bachelor of Medical Science. This combination of degrees can be undertaken consecutively or as a fully integrated double degree



Charles Sturt University offers you an internationally recognised program for entry into a range of fulfilling and challenging careers in the medical and applied sciences as a graduate of the Bachelor of Medical & Applied Biotechnology course.  Charles Sturt University is a distinctive University that strives to ensure its graduates are competitive in meeting present and changing needs of society, commerce and industry. The combination of our outstanding graduate employment record, state-of-the-art resources and quality teaching has resulted in a university with an international reputation for excellence. Our website acts as a gateway to on-line supported subjects, resources and communication forums that greatly enhance student learning experiences. We offer over 300 courses to around 25,000 students through on campus and distance education study (including many overseas students in eg. Canada, USA, Hong Kong and Malaysia). Visit the CSU homepage at:


and the School of Biomedical Science home page at:


CSU also provides year 12 study help which can be found at:


Admission Requirements

The assumed knowledge is 2U Mathematics, 2U Chemistry and 2U Biology. Graduates in other disciplines, from recognised tertiary institutions, should apply for entry through UAC and may apply for credit for prior study



For further information about the Bachelor of Medical & Applied Biotechnology course, please contac

Dr Heather Cavanagh

Course Coordinator

Bachelor of Medical & Applied biotechnolog

School of Biomedical Science

Charles Sturt University

Locked Bag 588

Wagga Wagga

NSW 2678

Telephone: (02) 6933 2501






Dr Heather Cavanagh

Course Coordinator

Bachelor of Medical & Applied biotechnology

School of Biomedical Science

Charles Sturt University

Locked Bag 588

Wagga Wagga

NSW 2678

Telephone: (02) 6933 2501


Web: www.csu.edu.au/health 



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