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Parklands School

32-36 Drummond Street

Albany WA6330

Tel: 08 9841 8179

Fax: 08 9847 4023


Website: www.parklands.wa.edu.au

Key Details

Type: Independent

Level: Primary

Gender: Coed

Religious Affiliation: Non-Denominational

Early Learning: Yes

Learning Extension: Yes

Scholarships: Yes

Welcome to our happy and caring school

Parklands School opened in 1998 and is a small independent primary school with 127 students from pre-kindergarten to year 6. We pride ourselves on providing a nurturing environment in children's crucial developmental stages equipping them for learning in high school and beyond. Our pre-primary and primary programs are based on the Australian Curriculum and influenced by best practices in education. We take pride in the quality of our literacy and numeracy programs as well as the creative activities on offer and our happy environment. Our kindergarten and toddler programs are governed by Montessori principles and practices as well as the Early Years Learning Framework.

Our Vision

We have a strong vision which we put into practise on a daily basis. Our vision is to: • Create a safe cooperative learning community• Celebrate individual achievement• Foster a lifelong love of learning and a sense of wonder and joy• Build respect for self and others• Live in harmony with the environment - natural cultural and social.

Toddler Group

Our Parklands Toddler Group has been designed to enable children from infants to three years together with their parents or carers to enjoy a nurturing environment as their first experience of structured contact with other children. It will assist with a smooth transition into three-year-old kindergarten at Parklands.


Parklands offers a unique kindergarten program which is governed by Montessori principles and practices for three and four year olds. Children may start when they turn three and continue into the two-year program as four-year-olds. Montessori practical life activities channel each child's natural enthusiasm and curiosity into real life skills to encourage independence and responsibility. Through a balance of freedom and discipline children develop respect for themselves others and the community. Each child follows his interest and works at his own pace free from competition and grading.

Pre-primary to Year 6

In pre-primary and primary classes at Parklands students are encouraged to take an active part in their own learning. They thrive in mixed age groupings and are encouraged to explore learning opportunities both within and outside the classroom. We believe that contact with nature is crucial for students' development and we strive to create outdoor spaces which challenge and support their learning both academic and social/relational.

Respect and Friendliness

One of the things you will notice when you first enter the playground is the quality of the play of all the students. There is a vitality joy and freedom for students as they enjoy playing with friends across the age ranges. Our school culture is based on cultivating the development of respectful relationships.


I invite you to contact us to arrange a visit to come and see for yourself why our students are so happy to come to school each day.

I look forward to meeting you.

Marg PontinParklands School Principal



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