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Economics In Queensland Author Clem Tisdell 

Queensland is an attractive Australian state as evidenced by the fact that it has the highest rate of population growth of any Australian state and the highest rate of increase in tourism. Clem Tisdell tells us what it is like to study economics in such positive surroundings...

Queensland has nine universities, most of which have multiple campuses, as is common throughout Australia. All of these universities are well equipped with on-line and computing facilities. Brisbane contains the main campuses of four universities. The
University of Queensland is the oldest university in Queensland having been established in 1910. All universities in Queensland offer some economics at the under-
graduate level for example, as part of the Bachelor of Business or Bachelor of Arts
degrees but only the University of Queensland offers a Bachelor of Economics degree.

Bachelor of Economics degrees can be completed in three years of full-time study selected students may complete an extra year of study to obtain their degree with Honours, so making four years. This is similar  to the scottish  system but differs   from the English one. The course of study  in the honours year usually includes a research component, It provides one possible gateway to higher degrees.

Postgraduate Opportunities

Postgraduate offerings by Australian Universities have expanded greatly in the last decade. Broadly speaking, two types of  postgraduate programs exist in  Australia

(a) traditional programs in which results are primarily based on research and thesis  e.g. Doctorate of Philosophy in Economics; and (b) coursework programs which may or not involve a research component. Developments in recent years suggest that the latter programs may once again be divided into two sets: (i) those that cater for increased specialisations in a discipline; and (ii) those which provide a foundation in a discipline with some, but lesser, degree of specialisation as a rule.

The latter professional-type degrees can often be completed in 3-semesters full-time, in one-year if advantage is taken of the Summer Semester. This makes them quite attractive to busy professionals, and competitive in many respects with MBA programs in terms of their duration. In general, these degrees can (a) be used by students who haye specialised in some area other than economics at the undergraduate level  to obtain a  foundation in economics focusing on their special interests and (b) by those who have specialised in economics  and want to update their knowledge.

In addition, Postgraduate diplomas in economics are usually of 2-semesters duration full-time and postgraduate certificates in economics of l-semesterduration are available  in Queensland. The latter may be of special interest to students who want to visit Australia for a short duration but would like to be associated with a university and obtain a university award during their stay. Note also that economics may also often be studied as part of other degrees, e.g.MBA, but usually only in a general 'non-specific' way.

Intensive Study Programs

Summer (December-February down under) course and courses offered in intensive-mode are increasingly available at universities in Queensland and elsewhere
in Australia. These enable training or qualifications to be obtained in a minimum time, and customised courses for major clients are increasingly prepared. Using the summer semester, three semesters of work can be fitted into a year. Those on short visits to Queensland can obtain a recognised qualification in minimum time by taking advantage of such opportunities. Growing use of on-line facilities and flexible course delivery further add to student options. The Department of Economics at The University of Queenland is one of the largest departments in Australia. It provides an excellent academic environment for the pursuit of scholarship at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in the field of research. Residential colleges or other on campus accommodation for students is available at all universities in Queensland, Although many students use this accommodation, a high proportion also live away from campus. When overseas students first arrive in Australia, they usually stay  in accommodation on  campus  but later, as they gain knowledge of their new surroundings and confidence, spread their wings and move off  campus. A great number of students from overseas; particularly from Asia, are studying in Australia. In Queensland, a variety of clubs and associations have been formed by such students. These provide fellowships for students away from home. Nevertheless a lot of overseas students belong to student university associations pursuing special interests such as sporting activities, hobbies, or subjects, e.g. Student Chapters of the Economic Society of Australia. Every University in Queensland has a wide range of student-organised clubs and association so that virtually all interests are catered for. .. 


Clem Tisdell

:The University of Queensland

School of Economics
The University of Queensland
QLD 4072

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