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Eastern School of Tactile Therapies (E.S.T.T.)

Eastern School of Tactile Therapies (E.S.T.T.) was established in 1983 by Principal and Founder Associate Professor Raymond Carroll. E.S.T.T.College of Natural Medicine is a highly-respected, private Registered Training Organisation (R.T.O. #7092) compliant with National and State Government Quality Standards for education and training.

Its nationally accredited Diplomas of Health Science and Certificate IV qualifications are recognised by industry associations, employers and referring health professionals as being at the forefront of education in the massage and complementary therapy areas. Since its inception, E.S.T.T. has trained over 6,000 students and maintains a high ratio of graduate employment anmd enterprise.

E.S.T.T. College of Natural Medicine are continually expanding their direct links and pathways to Higher Education (university qualifications), employment and business opportunities to maximise the career potential for their students. Through the Outreach Clinical Practice programs, students have access to unique opportunities to establish their professional experience and reputation.

E.S.T.T. College of Natural Medicine has three main components:

    Pracititoner qualifications
    Continuing Professional Development
    Practical home-use workshops

    Professional Clinics
    Student Clinic
    Corporate Massage & Training
    Outreach Clinical Practice

    Manufacture - E.S.T.T. Lavender Cream

General Information
E.S.T.T. College of Natural Medicine strives to take Massage Therapy education and training to the highest possible level. This quest for excellence has made E.S.T.T. Graduates amongst the most sought-after professional practitioners in the Tactile Therapies field. E.S.T.T. is ever increasing its scope of education with new Diplomas in Ayurvedic Medicine, Remedial Therapies and Natural Beauty Therapies, to be included in the curriculum.

E.S.T.T. provide:

  • Modern and fully equipped facilities

  • Personalised attention during classes

  • An enjoyable study environment

  • Large common area for relaxing dining and studying

  • Confidentiality and sensitivity in all classes

  • All courses will be delivered in English

    Receiving a Certificate IV in Tactile Therapies (C.T.T.) qualifies a student to become a Professional Massage Therapist. This takes a minimum 12 months by industry standards. A minimum of two classes per week (day or evening), and some weekends are required. Core Subjects must be studied with, or prior to Practical Certificate components.

    The Diplomas of Health Science (Medical Massage or Clinical Aromatherapy) require a minimum of 2 years full time study. Diplomas can be taken as a build upon C.T.T. and/or module by module allowing duration flexibility whilst maintaining module constraints.

    The pre-requisite for all courses is the Introduction to Massage course. For Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), documentation of studies must be supplied to equivalent standard of E.S.T.T. Core Subjects. Attendance of no less than 80% is required to all classes determined as a requirement to assist students in the assessment procedure.




Waverley Campus
Suite 3, Level 1,
Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre
Mulgrave 3170
Melways Ref. Page 80 J,5

(03) 9562-3312 or 1800 018 481
(03) 9562-3267

Website: www.estt.vic.edu.au



"On-going education of
natural therapies and lifestyle,
furthering growth, movement, wellness,
harmony and peace."



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