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Kincoppal-Rose Bay School


Kincoppal-Rose Bay, School of the Sacred Heart, is a Catholic Independent School for day and boarding students in Years 7 to 12 (girls only) as well as a coeducational Junior School from Preparatory to Year 6.




Kincoppal-Rose Bay is situated in a magnificent position overlooking Sydney Harbour in New South Wales, Australia.  Established in 1882, the School’s rapid expansion necessitated a building program which resulted in the fine sandstone buildings which dominate this headland today.  Generations of leading Australian families have attended Kincoppal-Rose Bay and as a result it benefits from a strong and supportive Alumnae network.  The School’s tradition is one built on a constant openness to the new.  New students, new families, new staff, new facilities and new technologies continually add to the ongoing spirit and energy so evident at Kincoppal-Rose Bay.


The School has a total student population of approximately 950 ranging from Preparatory to Year 12.  It has boarding places for 150 girls and is very proud of its specialist residential facilities for senior students.  Year 12 girls are accommodated in Sheldon House where they enjoy individual or twin bedrooms, modern bathrooms, full laundry facilities and a range of relaxation areas.  This facility also utilises to the fullest its Harbourside position.


Boarders benefit from the School’s state of the art library and research facilities each week.  Girls are encouraged to attend the Homework Centre located in the modern library where teaching staff are rostered to supervise students’ out of classroom study requirements.  Curriculum is regularly reviewed to ensure it meets the needs of students and their study choices for the future.


Teaching and learning spaces at Kincoppal-Rose Bay reflect the School’s rich history and its forward thinking approach to education – heritage listed classrooms are equipped with the latest technology and recent infrastructure has been designed to provide students with environments that allow for personalised learning.  A new science centre was opened as recently as March 2005 and an additional landscaped recreational oval for Junior School students was completed in June this year.


The breadth of choice within the curriculum is enhanced by an extensive co-curricular program.  Courses such as Public Speaking and debating are popular with students as is Drama.  Students also are eager to be involved in the busy cultural life of the School.  Both individual and team Sports are available at Kincoppal-Rose Bay including tennis, netball, hockey, swimming, gymnastics and athletics and many others.  Students compete at an elite level in the premier New South Wales private girls’ school competition and are also actively involved in several local competitions.


Integral to all that is available to students at Kincoppal-Rose Bay is the constant encouragement and support of the individual by dedicated staff.  The School maintains a commitment to providing pastoral care of the highest standard to every student.  Careful monitoring of each student’s development and the establishment of positive relationships between staff and students assists the School to accurately assess each a student’s potential and assist them to achieve at this level.


Kincoppal-Rose Bay actively involves its students when developing strategic plans – student voice is encouraged and taken seriously when making decisions for the future.  A Student Representative Council is well established and student planning workshops are regularly held.  Students and their opinions are valued by staff and much energy is invested by the School to achieve positive working relationships between the students, their families and staff.


As a member of the student body at Kincoppal-Rose Bay each student becomes part of an international network of Sacred Heart schools in 44 countries across the world.  Regular exchanges with other Sacred Heart schools provides students with opportunities to experience and genuinely understand different cultures, better their communication skills and expand their horizons.  Students also have the opportunity to increase their network of friends globally.


Kincoppal-Rose Bay offers students an education based on the goals of the Sacred Heart schools around the world. These goals are: to provide students with faith that is relevant in today’s world, to develop a deep respect for intellectual values, to foster the building of community as a Christian value, to develop a social awareness that impels to action, and to encourage personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.


Our school welcomes enquiries from parents and students wishing to gather additional information about the School.  You are invited to visit the School’s website www.krb.nsw.edu.au

or contact the School directly Telephone:  61 2 9388 6000, Facsimile:  61 2 9388 6001 or Email: 


School of the Sacred Heart
New South Head Road, Rose Bay, Sydney
Ph: +61 2 9388 6000 Fax: +61 2 9388 6001

The Registrar,
Kincoppal-Rose Bay
New South Head Road
Rose Bay
NSW 2029
Phone: +61 2 9388 6000
Fax: +61 2 9388 6001


The Secretary,
Kincoppal-Rose Bay Junior School
2 Vaucluse Road
NSW 2030
Phone: +61 2 9388 6080
Fax: +61 2 9388 6081








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