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Macquarie University

The National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research (NCELTR)



The National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research (NCELTR) is a national research centre at Macquarie University and is internationally recognized for innovation and professional excellence in the field of Teaching English as a Second or Other Language. NCELTR is home to the AMEP Research Centre funded by the Australia Government to conduct research and professional development and produce TESOL teaching resources for teachers of adult immigrants in Australia.


The Centre offers customized TESOL teacher development programs TESOL for primary, secondary and tertiary level teachers of English. These are available as teacher study tours in Australia or can be delivered to groups of students in their own students country.  These courses are taught by academics in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at NCELTR. For information about these courses contact:


 The Centre provides a wide variety of student-centred, innovative, English language programs including General English, Academic English and direct entry programs to Macquarie University. Students progressing from NCELTR Direct Entry programs have a success rate in their university programs of well over 90%.


The National Centre for English Language Teaching and Research is:

·       a university English language centre

·       located in the centre of beautiful Macquarie University campus

·       one of the leading Applied Linguistics centres in the world

·       staffed with highly qualified (Masters/PhD) and experienced teachers

·       unique in its development of discipline specific programs with university lecturers and heads of department


An International Experience

Students at NCELTR come from all parts of the globe, Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Teachers and Administrative staff at NCELTR are trained in intercultural awareness and communication and work hard to ensure that students are able to develop friendships with each other across many cultures. Studying English at NCELTR does not simply improve your English language knowledge: it also helps prepare you with the intercultural communications, understanding and skills you will require for success in a competitive international environment.

As well as English classes students can enjoy the dance parties, soccer matches and wide range of programs organised by NCELTR and/or Macquarie University. Participating in such on-campus activities is a great way to meet other international students, improve your English, learn about Australian culture and enjoy life, as well as succeed in your studies.



NCELTR offers English Language Programs for a wide range of students, from General English and Study Tour Programs to discipline specific Direct Entry programs to Macquarie University.

NCELTR Research shows that many students who have progressed to Macquarie University from NCELTR Direct Entry programs are performing equal to or better than native English speakers in their chosen course.


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Building E3B Level 3 & 4
Macquarie University
Sydney NSW 2109

Phone: (61 2) 9850 7667
Fax: (61 2) 9850 8129




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