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Study Mechanical Engineering

Why Mechanical Engineering? Colin Hansen Adelaide University

Why would you want to be a mechanical engineer, and why would you study for your degree at a university in Adelaide, South Australia? There are many answers to the first question, but perhaps the most common is that mechanical engineering is the most general form of engineering that you can do, so that on graduating, your choice of career is virtually unlimited.

In general terms, the discipline is concerned with the management of people and resources, the development and use of new technologies, and the design of new processes and products. Examples of industries where you may work include manufacturing, mining, water supply, electricity supply, engineering and management consulting, automotive, aerospace and aeronautical, process industries, electricity generation, and computer manufacture and application. In fact, Australia's first astronaut was a graduate in mechanical engineering from one of the universities in Adelaide.

A degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Adelaide is recognised worldwide as a result of its accreditation by Engineers Australia. The degree gives you the knowledge and skills to be involved in the design, development and manufacture of products, machines and mechanical engineering systems, including engines and turbines, land transport vehicles, ships, aircraft, building services (air conditioning, pumps, fans), refrigeration systems, manufacturing processes and systems, and industrial plants. With a degree in mechanical engineering, you will be able to offer expertise to your employer, or act as a consultant in energy technology and efficiency, combustion, noise and vibration control, pollution control, fluid mechanics and aerospace engineering, manufacturing (product design and development, production planning, plant maintenance, processes and systems, quality management), robotics, automatic control, and computer aided engineering (CAE). You will also be involved in the development and use of new materials, the development of new machines and processes, the use of computer-aided engineering tools, and the management of people and resources in an engineering environment. You could also be employed as an aid worker, helping third world countries by installing essential services, or as an aircraft engine and body designer, or as an aircraft maintainer carrying out condition monitoring and fault diagnosis, or as a designer of novel consumer products (including cars), or new production lines for bulk manufacturing of products. You may be a power generation or transmission engineer in the electricity industry/or an engineer responsible for environmental pollution control, or an initiator of new technology to improve efficiency in industry, or a product and people manager. You could also work as a water supply engineer, responsible for maintaining a city's water supply, or as a mining engineering, responsible for equipment maintenance or mine production/or as a drilling engineer on an oil rig. Whether you are an inventor, designer, manager or technical trouble-shooter, you will be able to find a satisfying career in mechanical engineering.  





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