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Study Web Design in Australia

Course Profile: Bachelor of Computer Science (BCompSc) University New England

Course Overview: The BCompSc is designed to prepare students for tomorrow's computing needs. Underpinning the degree are academic and technical staff committed to teaching and research at the highest level in computing science. World class researchers in areas such as parallel processing, multimedia and fractal image compression, knowledge engineering and expert systems ensure that students are prepared today for the developments of the future.

Beginning with foundation subjects such as data structures, object-oriented programming and software engineering, the degree leads on to courses introducing topics of active research, such as networks, parallel processors, and expert systems. Students follow one of a set of course programs. Each program includes a major sequence of study in Computer Science together with specialisation in another subject. Current areas of specialisation offered within this degree are Accountancy, Information Technology, Mathematics and Statistics. Students are able to design programs in other areas such as psychology, financial management, genetics, economics etc.

Course Type: Undergraduate

Study Mode: On and off campus

Duration: 3 years full time, 10 years part time

Fast Track Option: N/A

Commencement: Semester 1 and Semester 2

UAC Code: 392624

QTAC Code: 626241

Fees: HECS

Total Credit Points: 144 credit points

Entry Requirements: No previous knowledge of computing is assumed. However, a background in Mathematics at NSW HSC level, or equivalent, is assumed knowledge.

The Faculty does offer a Foundation Unit in Mathematics for students lacking such a background. This unit is available by distance education.

Other Benefits: The Bachelor of Computer Science has been granted Level A accreditation by the Computer Society of Australia.

Double Degree Opportunities: A combined program of Computer Science/Law is offered. Successful candidates for this double program are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Computer Science and the degree of Bachelor of Laws. Bachelor of Computer Science with Honours (BCompSc(Hons)

A fourth Honours year is available to students with an above average academic record. Course requirements usually include a research project with thesis, reading assignments and essays. The BCompSc(Hons) degree can lead to further postgraduate study.

Course Structure: In the first year, students cover program development, design of algorithms, von Neumann architecture, and file manipulation. Scone and third year topics include computer architecture, assembler language, operating systems, data structures, software engineering, compliers and grammars, parallel processing, networks, non-procedural languages and databases.

Further Information: For further course information contact Admissions on 1800 818 865, or (02) 6773 3566 or email .


The University offers a number of Faculty/College and country scholarships available to Australian citizens and permanent residents.

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