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What do Graduates Look for in an Employer?

Every year, thousands of graduates leave university with a degree education, ready to hit the job market running. As you might expect, there is intense competition between employers who know that a graduate with a degree in computer science or business administration is a good catch. For an employer, hiring a graduate is a smart move, but what do graduates look for in an employer and how can you be sure of attracting the right caliber of person?

Training and Professional Development Opportunities

Modern graduates are not as interested in financial benefits as they used to be. Whilst they expect to be paid a reasonable remuneration package in line with what other employers are paying, it is not the deciding factor. Instead, graduates in today’s job market are more impressed by the training and professional development opportunities on offer.

Graduates look for an employer willing to provide them with further training. Most graduates leave university with great skills but little on-the-job experience, so extra training and an opportunity to learn new skills is very attractive to ambitious graduates.

You can make your vacancies more attractive to graduates by offering them financial assistance to study for an MBA in healthcare management or similar. With so many online learning courses now available from reputable further education institutions such as George Washington University, allowing an employee extra study time won’t affect your bottom line too much. They can do their healthcare management degree online in the evenings and work for you in the day. The skills they learn can be put to use in the workplace and you gain a loyal employee in return.

A Good Life-Work Balance

Young people want a better life-work balance than their parents. Whilst they have plenty of drive and determination, they are less likely to be thrilled about working all hours and being on call during the evening and at weekends. As a result, a large number of graduates look for employers who allow flexible working and are happy to let staff work from home when necessary.

Job Satisfaction

Modern graduates are also looking for greater levels of job satisfaction. They want to work in progressive workplaces where they feel part of a team and are invited to collaborate on interesting projects. You don’t need to turn your workplace into something Google would be proud of, but you do need to make sure you nurture your new starters and create an inclusive, welcoming environment.

In return, graduates have a lot to offer employers. For one thing, it is a lot cheaper to hire a graduate than it is to bring on a new employee with ten years or more proven experience. Unless you really need that experience, consider whether the benefits of hiring someone who is keen, ready to learn, and you can mold into the perfect employee might not outweigh the disadvantages.

To attract the right caliber of graduate, be sure to offer a competitive salary and non-financial benefits such as flexible working hours and paid training opportunities.


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