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Study at Whitley College Australia


Whitley College is the Baptist Theological College of Victoria and a residential College of The University of Melbourne. Theological study at Whitley offers a huge range of possibilities.

Its mission is to equip women and men for leadership in church and society. Throughout its history since 1891 Whitley has been a college marked by academic excellence, a strong sense of Christian purpose and a lively community.

Whitley's diplomas and degrees are accredited through the Melbourne College of Divinity and are highly respected. Our graduates have gone on to further studies within the MCD and in Universities and Seminaries here in Australia and around the world.

Why Choose Whitley

Theological study at Whitley College offers almost limitless possibilities:

  • Whitley's accredited diplomas and degrees are highly respected.

  • We believe theological formation involves all of life, demanding both academic rigor and a commitment to discipleship.

  • You can take the complete range of theological studies: biblical languages, biblical studies, church history, systematic theology, pastoral care, mission and evangelism, ethics and Christian education

  • Find your own level, taking classes not-for-credit, or completing any program from Diploma in Ministry to Doctor of Theology. The most popular is the Bachelor of Theology.

  • The School of World Mission offers majors in missiology and streams in evangelism, urban mission and cross-cultural mission.

  • Join the widely varied student body: Women and men, lay students and ordinands, students from all denominations, Australian and international students.

  • Study at flexible times: Part-time or full-time, day or evening classes.

  • Choose an ecumenical context: Classes can be taken at our partner-campus in Mulgrave (Churches of Christ Theological College) or at other teaching institutions in the Melbourne College of Divinity, namely the United Faculty of Theology, Yarra Theological Union and the Catholic Theological College.

  • You can receive Austudy (student living allowance) while studying theology at Whitley if you are eligible.

Some of Whitley's emphases are:

  • An open evangelical stance

  • Commitment to the church, from a Baptist tradition with Anabaptist roots

  • Exploring the radical gospel demands of Christian discipleship

  • Developing an Australian theology

  • Furthering the full participation of women in Christian leadership


Whitley College was established in 1891 as the Baptist Theological College of Victoria and was located in the Collins St Baptist Church. From its first choice of principal, Rev Dr William T Whitley, the College began a long tradition of academic excellence.

The College occupied a building in North Melbourne from 1912 to 1965, when it moved to its new circular building in Parkville and took the name of Whitley College. This move added a new function as a residential college of the University of Melbourne, with room for 130 university students from all faculties.

Until the 1970s all theological students were candidates for Baptist ordination. Since then, lay theological education has grown spectacularly and ordinands now make up a small proportion of the ecumenical and international student body of nearly 300.

In 1989 the first stage of the Mervyn Himbury Theological Studies Centre was completed on a site next to the round College building, to provide for the rapidly expanding theological student numbers. The Geoffrey Blackburn Library and other new building works were completed in July 2001. They provide Whitley College with first-class facilities for its entire student community.

Evangelical Theological Association (ETA)

Units at Whitley are taught for the Bachelor of Theology, Master of Divinity and other degrees awarded by the Melbourne College of Divinity (MCD). The BTheol and MDiv can be gained only by a student at an Associated Teaching Institution of MCD. Whitley College, together with the Churches of Christ Theological College (40-60 Jacksons Road, Mulgrave) form the Evangelical Theological Association (ETA) which is an Associated Teaching Institution of the Melbourne College of Divinity.

The Evangelical Theological Association is also accredited to provide instruction and supervision for the Degrees of Master of Theology, Doctor of Theology, Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy and the Graduate Diploma programme of the Melbourne College of Divinity. Pastoral care of students is undertaken by each of the constituent Colleges, (ie Whitley and CCTC) and not by ETA as such. However, matters of faith, personal devotion and development of Christian maturity naturally are considered in the various units offered by ETA.

Provider Information

Provider Code: 01037A

Provider: Melbourne College of Divinity


Whitley College

271 Royal Parade

Parkville, Victoria

Australia 3052

Phone: (03) 9340 8000

Fax: (03) 9347 8052





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Whitley College


Whitley College

271 Royal Parade

Parkville, Victoria

Australia 3052

Phone: (03) 9340 8000

Fax: (03) 9347 8052


Website: www.whitley.unimelb.edu.au